12 best bartending techniques according to Spin & Shake

1. Shaking your drink
Shaking is one of the best ways of blending your non-carbonated drinks – Whiskey Sours, Mojitos – you can use a 3-part shaker with an integrated strainer. It is better to choose a shaker that holds a large amount of ice. Some shakers have lids and look like tin cups. Dry shaking is a technique to turn out a thick foam with egg whites, cream, and other ingredients.

2. Stirring
You can take a spoon for stirring purposes. But, it is essential to take a long bar spoon, as the ordinary spoon cannot break off the ice shards. You may use a vessel, shaker, and glass for stirring your drinks. Stir your drink for 20 to 30 seconds. Enjoy the diluted drink on any occasion.

3. Cocktail ingredient measurement
One of the best tips for preparing high-quality cocktails is to know the way of measuring its ingredients. Small cups, known as jiggers, are the best tools to measure your cocktail ingredients. However, you must learn the technique of using the jigger. It will ensure that you have made consistent drinks.

4. Double straining
Double straining is the process to ensure that you will have a clear result. There will be no floating particles by double straining the cocktail. It is one of the basic bartending tricks, for which you may use a julep strainer. You can filter the drink twice before pouring it into the glass.

5. Glassware chilling
The reason for chilling glassware is that it lets you enjoy cool cocktails. When you have not added ice blocks to your drink, you may choose glassware frosting as an option. You have 2 ways of chilling your glassware. Store the glassware in your freezer to make the glass cool. However, when your bar’s freezer has no space to store it, you have another option.
Fill the glass with water and ice before preparing the cocktail. While you are shaking the drink, your glass will become cool. You can then throw away the ice.

6. Mudding
You have to use a long stick (known as a muddler) to muddle your cocktail ingredients. Hold the muddler, put in the ingredients, and find the juice. Muddling is essential to prepare Caipirinha and Mojito.

7. Sweetening
Sweetening is one of the popular bartender techniques, as you need to add sugar syrups to your drinks. Raw sugar can take time to dissolve. The ratio of sugar to water in any syrup is 1:1. You can heat it up in a pan until the dissolution of sugar. Leave it to cool and prepare your flavored syrup by adding spices and fruits.

8. Rolling
Rolling is something similar to stirring and shaking. It is a more thorough blending of ingredients. However, you need to do it in a gentle way. You have to mix ingredients properly without over diluting the drink. You can then pour it from one glass to another. Repeat it more than 5 times to make your cocktail ready to serve.

9. Bashing
It is one of the bartending techniques, which is very easy to achieve. You may take some mint leaf, basil leaf, and other greeneries. Then, bash those leaves using your hands. It will help you to take oil off the leaves. You will have a fragrant garnish with your drinks.

10. Sugared and salted rims
You can then prefer salt and sugar encrusted rims that add flavor and make them visually pleasing. It is one of the best ways to add grapefruit juice and other bitter ingredients. Take a citrus piece and place it around the glass edge. Fill it with sugar and celery salt.

11. Layering
It is another technique, with which you have to pour liquids of different colors. It will be easy to separate the liquids. You can find this technique applied for the Pousse-cafe cocktail. This Pousse-café cocktail is an after-dinner drink prepared with different liquors. Based on the density of every liquid, you can choose the order of layering liquids. The liquid that has a higher amount of sugar is heavier. Similarly, a liquid with more alcohol is much lighter.

12. Flaming
Professional bartenders choose citrus fruits, like oranges for this technique. By using a knife, you can cut out a part of the orange peel. You may place the peel above the drink and then light your lighter in front of it. It will help you to squeeze the flammable oil.

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