Six Things About "Mojito"

Did you know? 

1. Mojitos come from Cuba. If you have ever visited Cuba before you will see first-hand just how much Cubans love mojitos. It pairs perfectly with authentic Cuban cuisine.

2. This drink is more than 500 years old. The mojito is one of the oldest mixed drinks that is still consumed today. While the exact history of this cocktail is still a little murky, it is estimated that it first originated in the 1500s.

3. The name has roots in African language. The name mojito comes from the word “mojo” which means talisman or magic charm.

4. The mojito used to be used for medicinal purposes. Pirates used to actually create a drink with sugar lime, mint and aguardiente (early rum) for medicinal purposes to treat scurvy and dysentery. When aguardiente was switched out for real rum, the classic mojito officially made its debut!

5. There are special mojito ice cubes. Experts will tell you that normal ice cubes can melt and water down your mojito, which is why there are actually special mojito cubes that are made of water, sugar and lime juice that will help keep the flavor of the mojitos in tact.

6. You can swap out flavors. There are so many different variations of the mojito. Just swap out the lime for other fruits and you can make a fruity cocktail that is sure to impress.

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