'Gin Fun Facts' - Did you know?

✔Although the British are the number one fans of gin, the juniper-led spirit originated from Holland. It was discovered by English soldiers and brought to England in the early 1600s.

✔Gin was originally used for medicinal purposes before it became the spirit we enjoy. In India, Gin was used to make tonic water and cinchona mixture, a more palatable taste to combat malaria.

✔Popular gin botanicals include coriander, orris root, liquorice, cassia and lemon peel! Many other herbs and spices like peppercorn and basil also make an appearances.

✔Gin is not designed to be drank on it’s own. The pairing of gin and tonic works well to mask their bitter tastes.

✔For a spirit to be considered ‘gin’ it must be flavoured with juniper berries. Having said that, there are other botanicals in gin that give each bottle their amazing flavours we all love!

✔There are more gin based cocktails than any other spirit. Most popular ones are negroni, martini and of course the humble G&T!

✔Thanks to the James Bond film, the martini has became the most sought after cocktail, made from a mixture of gin and dry vermouth, shaken not stirred.

✔Gin and tomato juice was all the rage as a hangover cure in New York City in 1928, years before the vodka-based Bloody.

✔Gin must legally have a “predominant juniper flavour,” but there are no specifications or limits to how many other botanicals may be used, or the quantity of juniper berries that need to be added during the distilling process.

Gin fun facts

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